Feed Muscles For Over 6 Hours*
2:1 Carbohydrate To Protein Ratio*
Creatine, CLA, BCAA’s, Glutamine*
Vitamin/Mineral Blend*

Lean Gainer Active is the most complete, highest-quality lean mass gaining formula on the market today. Adding muscle and size is not easy. It requires the right nutrients, at the right times, in the precise rations the body can utilize.

Lean Gainer Active is formulated with 50 grams of the highest bioavailable sustained-release protein blend comprised of whey protein isolate concentrate, egg albumen, and calcium and potassium caseinate proteins to saturate the muscles with over six hours of anabolic-triggering amino acids.

We’ve also added 105g of our patent-pending slow to fast release carbohydrate blend to keep glycogen levels up, preventing muscle wasting and improving muscle anabolism al day long!

With only 10g of naturally occurring sugar per serving and 5g of fiber, lean gainer active is without a doubt the most scientifically advanced lean mass gaining formula on the planet.

Supplement Facts


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